The Art of Lent

The Art of Lent

Beckett, Sister Wendy






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En fastebok med en målning för varje dag - från askonsdagen till påsk med BBC:s älskade konstkännare Syster Wendy Becket som ciceron.

Sr Wendy puts her knowledge and appreciation of art and art history to great use in this series of helpful and insightful daily visual meditations. The choices were at times surprising, coming as they do from a wide variety of schools, periods, styles and artists. I was delighted to encounter artists whose work I had not encountered before, with some thoughtful and helpful pointers for reflection and interpretation. I have since gone on to explore more of their work. As daily, Lenten reflections, grouped in broader, weekly themes, the collection provided spurs for Lenten prayer (as they are intended to do) although I have to confess that some of the texts left me feeling a little short-changed, as they read as a bit forced and even at times a little shallow. Broadly speaking, though, a beautifully considered collection with some poignant and thought-provoking insights.