Peace on Earth
Peace on Earth
Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth

Willow Tree





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Peace on Earth (Fred på jorden)

Höjd: 21 cm

"The idea for Peace on Earth was formulating as our country was making plans to go to war. In a way, it was my response. I wanted to make this figure very human, not an angel. It's not about celestial peace, but peace on earth among us — what we need to contemplate now. I wanted her feet to be on the ground, not flying in the clouds. I gave her dress a very earthy color to 'ground' it. The lamb has always been a symbol of peace; the woman, a peacemaker. Peace — here on earth — is what I tried to portray in color, symbol and look.” —Susan Lordi.

Peace on Earth works well as part of the Nativity collection, with other shepherds and sheep, or as a single iconic image of peace.