Lutheran Choral Anthology: The 16th Century

Lutheran Choral Anthology: The 16th Century

Schalk / Braun (editors)






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Edited by Carl F. Schalk and William H. Braun

This anthology of choral selections from the 1500s and early 1600s reflects the richness and diversity of choral music in early Lutheranism. This collection provides an opportunity for many largely unknown composers of the early Lutheran Church, often overshadowed by such later composers as Heinrich Schütz and Johann Sebastian Bach, to be heard.

For convenience in singing, the English text is given first; the original language, usually German or Latin, is given in italic type beneath the English. In settings of the chorale the German is given only for the first stanza. Where the cantus firmus is based on a chant melody, the chant is given above the piece. In addition, biographical information about the composer, the piece, or its performance is given with each selection.

Composers: Martin Agricola; Seth Calvisius; Gallus Dressler; Benedictus Ducis; Johannes Eccard; Gotthart Erythräus; Georg Forster; Bartholomäus Gesius; Nicolaus Gotschovius; Hans Leo Hassler; Johann Kugelmann; Matthaeus Le Maistre; Martin Luther; Lucas Osiander; Caspar Othmayr; Michael Praetorius; Andreas Raselius; Balthasar Resinarius; Johann Hermann Schein; Leonhard Schroeter; Cornelius Sigefrid; Johann Walter; Johann Weinmann