The Sleepy Shepherd A Timeless Retelling of the Christmas Story

The Sleepy Shepherd A Timeless Retelling of the Christmas Story

Cottrell, Stephen






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A Christmas tale for children. The Sleepy Shepherd is so dozy he completely misses the visit of the angels . . . and the chance to greet the Christ-child in Bethlehem. But one crucial night, years later, he makes an important decision - to be a real shepherd to a man whose friends have all fallen asleep . . . STEPHEN COTTRELL is Bishop of Chelmsford and was formally Bishop of Reading. A hugely popular and entertaining speaker, he has written widely about spirituality and art. Among his recent books are The Things He Did (Nov 2016), Walking Backwards to Christmas (2014) and Christ in the Wilderness: Reflecting on the paintings by Stanley Spencer (2012), all published by SPCK. CHRIS HAGAN is a Brighton-based artist who works in a mixed media collage and paint technique. He is especially drawn to old folk tales and his illustrations have appeared in Brighton: The Graphic Novel (QueenSpark Books, 2013) and will feature in forthcoming storybooks for children. He has a popular shop on Folksy ( Paperback / softback