Nahum: The Anchor Yale Bible volume 24F

Nahum: The Anchor Yale Bible volume 24F

Christensen, Duane L.






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This volume represents a significant breakthrough in the study of Hebrew prosody with important implications for understanding the formation of the canon of the Hebrew Bible.

Duane Christensen, a renowned biblical scholar, offers a detailed analysis of the Hebrew text of Nahum and demonstrates the intricate literary structure and high poetic quality of the work.

Nahum is a book about God's justice and portrays God as strong, unyielding, and capable of great anger.

This view of God's nature stands in contrast to that found in Jonah, another book in the section of the Hebrew Bible known as the Book of the Twelve Prophets, which presents God as “compassionate, gracious . . . [and] abounding in steadfast love.”

Christensen shows how Nahum and Jonah present complementary aspects of God's nature, each essential for an understanding of the divine being.

The commentary includes the most extensive bibliography published to date of works cited. [Språk: Engelska] Inbunden