Gospel According to Mary, The: A New Testament for Women

Gospel According to Mary, The: A New Testament for Women

Winter, Miriam Therese






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»If one of the gospels were written by a woman, what would it be like?

What would it remember, celebrate, hand on?

What would it say about women, about Jesus, about discipleship and church?»

»The Gospel According to Mary tells the very familiar story, parables, and teachings of Jesus, but through the imaginary eyes of a first-century woman, using as her sources the female disciples, 'women who had been transformed by Jesus.' »

»The book remains faithful to the gospel message and parallels carefully the stories told by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John - with the explicit participation of the women highlighted.

The healing miracles recounted here particularly illustrate both the determined faith of women who followed Jesus and his limitless compassion, as does his interaction with both women and men throughout this 'gospel.'

In this version, the love of God flows freely and abundantly in unabashed form.

Winter's retelling would weave beautifully into any liturgy or prayer service.» - Sojourners

First published by Crossroad in hardcover in 1993, this new Orbis edition, enhanced by Jason Dy's beautiful drawings, is »inspiring and empowering.» - Madonna Kolbenschlag

Miriam Therese Winter, a Medical Mission Sister, is professor of liturgy, worship, and spirituality at Hartford Seminary, Hartford, Connecticut, and founder and director of its Women's Leadership Institute.

She is the author of 12 books, including The Singer and the Song, and Woman Wisdom.

She is also the composer of 15 recordings, including the gold record album Joy Is Like the Rain and Mass of a Pilgrim People. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad