Teaching and Learning in College Introductory Religion Courses

Teaching and Learning in College Introductory Religion Courses

Walvoord, Barbara E.






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Introductory courses in theology and religion are taught at most colleges and universities across the US and UK.

From public to private, non-sectarian to faith-based institutions, theology courses fulfill humanities general education requirements, and provide a foundational education for students intending further theological study.

This book describes the best and most effective ways of teaching these courses. Offering practical, realistic, research-based guidance, this volume explores the best and most recent methods in teaching-theory.

This book addresses the questions and concerns frequently posed by the professors and graduate students who instruct these multifaceted courses.

It covers issues such as a teacher's role in defining theology and religion, the teaching and learning process, course structure, and content.

The volume also examines recent case studies of theology and religious studies courses at various institutions, including a private non-sectarian university, a public research university, a Catholic masters-level university, and at a Protestant baccalaureate college. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad