Together + Different: Christians Engaging with People of Other Faiths

Together + Different: Christians Engaging with People of Other Faiths

Torry, M & Thorley, S (eds.)






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One of the greatest challenges facing the Church and society today is how to build understanding and co-operation between people of different faiths for the common good. The consequences of misunderstanding and alienation are all too evident - getting this right is both vital and urgent. This innovative book tells the stories of a remarkably varied series of local church and community projects that lay and ordained members of Christian churches have initiated with people of other faiths. The entire process from initial idea and starting to understand different cultural and religious perspectives is described, as are the practical lessons learned and pitfalls encountered along the way.The projects vary from pupils spending a day in each others' faith schools, multi-faith hospital, hospice and prison chaplaincy, much sharing of food, hospitality in each others' places of worship and more. This is practical theology and faith dialogue in action. The book concludes with a simple guide to the conventions and terminology of other faiths.

MALCOLM TORRY is Team Rector of East Greenwich. SARAH THORLEY is an RE adviser and author of the Words and Pictures series for RMEP. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad