Theology of the New Testament: a Canonical and Synthetic Approach

Theology of the New Testament: a Canonical and Synthetic Approach

Thielman, Frank






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This book serves the needs of serious students of the New Testament - whether teachers, pastors, scholars, or lay people.

This canonical and synthetic approach honours both the theological diversity of the various books and the theological connections between the books.

Studying the theology of the New Testament can be a daunting task, even to the knowledgeable Bible student or pastor. Each of the twenty-seven books, written by various authors, has its own theological emphasis and nuances. How do we elicit a coherent message from such theological diversity, especially given that some of the theological statements in the New Testament seem to be at odds with one another? Is such an endeavor achievable or even valid? Theology of the New Testament takes a balanced approach in response to these challenges. Frank Thielman presents a theology of the New Testament that is careful to take into account the cultural and historical circumstances surrounding each book and the New Testament as a whole. He not only examines each book?s theological content individually, but also in relation to the rest of the New Testament, particularly within each of the three theological units that comprise the New Testament: the gospels and Acts, the Pauline epistles, and the general epistles and Revelation. In the end, Thielman finds a unified theological vision of the New Testament, anchored in the centrality of Jesus Christ. [Språk: Engelska] Inbunden