Jesus: A Brief History

Jesus: A Brief History

Tatum, W. Barnes






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Drawing on examples from literature, art, and popular culture, as well as theology, this engaging book reveals the importance of the question, »whose was he?» in fully understanding the life and legacy of Jesus.

* A concise, accessible and engaging exploration of Jesus's life and enduring influence

* Charts the changing global status and influence of Jesus, a Galilean Jew born when the ancient Roman Empire ruled the Mediterranean world, and how he has come to be honored as the Christ and recognized by billions of people around the world

* Traces the reception history of Jesus and his story over the past two millennia, through art, literature, and culture, as well as theology

* Draws on a fascinating range of materials - from ancient texts, creeds, and theological treatises, to the visual and dramatic arts, including books like The DaVinci Code and films such as The Passion of the Christ [Språk: Engelska] Häftad