Orthodox Pastor: A Guide to Pastoral Theology

Orthodox Pastor: A Guide to Pastoral Theology

Shahovsky, John






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Pastors will benefit from the simplicity and exuberance conveyed throughout this book and expressed in the author's opening statement: "There is nothing more awe-inspiring and more blessed than the service of pastorship." First published in Russia in the 1930s, this volume nevertheless retains the essence of pastoral work in ever-changing circumstances and cultures: the formation and eternal destiny of the human soul.

The author passionately writes about this unchanging ministry, and his words remain refreshingly timely, especially in an era marked by temptations to follow material excess and success.

Although specifically written and tailored for those in the sacramental priesthood of the Orthodox Christian faith, this work contains valuable advice for all pastors charged with imparting "the one thing needful" to souls within their care.

Lay readers - including church wardens, teachers, parents, authors, musicians, and anyone involved in parish life - likewise will benefit from the author's sage counsel regarding the Christ-like management of a parish community. "... a foundational guide toward the concrete realization, within the ordained ministry of the Orthodox Church, in any land or age, of the never-ending pastorship of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ." - Archpriest Paul Lazor, Foreword

Archbishop JOHN Shahovskoy (1902-1989), former dean of St Vladimir's Seminary, was a prolific writer, religion broadcaster, and witness to the Orthodox faith in ecumenical work. He was renowned for his spiritual clarity, goodwill, and prayerful insight.

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