Re: Mission

Re: Mission

Perriman, Andrew






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Product Description

In this innovative and radical book, postmodern mission and New Testament studies collide. Andrew Perriman examines the mission of the earliest church in its historical context and argues that our context is very different and so our mission cannot simply be a matter of doing exactly what the earliest church did. The key question at the heart of the book is, How do we shape a biblical theology of mission for a postbiblical church? Controversially, Perriman maintains that the eschatological crisis faced by the early church the coming judgment on the enemies that opposed Gods people has now passed with the collapse of the Roman Empire. Eschatology, says Perriman, is about temporary transitions from oppression to deliverance in the history of the people of God. However, creational disorder is with us all the time. The postmodern church does not face an eschatological crisis but a creational crisis. A missiology that is oriented towards a new creation is far more relevant to us now than a missiology oriented, as it was in most of the New Testament, towards rescue from opposition and persecution.

About the Author

ANDREW PERRIMAN lives in Holland and works with Christian Associates seeking to develop open, creative communities of faith for the emerging culture in Europe. He is author of The Coming of the Son of Man New Testament Eschatology for an Emerging Church. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad