The Tabloid Bible

Page, Nick






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Nick Page's bestselling Tabloid Bible is back by popular demand, and now in full colour and complete with sidebars of shame. The Tabloid Bible tells both well-known and obscure Bible stories as the newspapers and websites of the day might have covereed them.

ATISHOO! ATISHOO! WALL FALL DOWN! Insurers refuse payouts over Jericho wall collapse. "Aggressive trumpet playing is not covered," they say.

ARKING MAD! Nutty Noah builds the world's biggest boat in his garden. "I'm sure he doesn't have planning permission," says irate neighbour.

KEEP TAKING THE TABLETS. Moses brings maxims from the mountain!

TOWER OF BABEL COLLAPSES. "!ccyshhibothuth mi varg," says suddenly incomprehensible builder.

ARMAGEDDON OUT OF HERE! Gigantic explosion splits earth.

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