Listen Here! The Art and Spirituality of Listening

Listen Here! The Art and Spirituality of Listening

McKenna, Megan






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»God is listening. What are we saying?» With these words Megan McKenna begins this inspiring, accessible, and practical guide to finding and building the spiritual connection that brings God's love into our life and our world.

She is not primarily focused on praying to God but on creating a long enduring, deepening relationship with God that we are listened to, as a people, as one voice. Individual voices are all there, but what do we sound like, as one voice crying out since in our humanness we are all one, wanting not only God to hear and listen to usto attend to us, but we want everyone else to hear and listen to us as well?

This book is for everyone, anyone who seeks to hear, to listen, and to become more human, in the image of the one who is listening to us all. And it asks: What are we saying? And then it probes deeper still: »Are we listening back?» [Språk: Engelska] Häftad