Prayer: Christian and Muslim Perspecitives

Prayer: Christian and Muslim Perspecitives

Marshall, D & Mosher, L (Eds.)






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Prayer: Christian and Muslim Perspectives is a rich collection of essays, scriptural texts, and personal reflections featuring leading scholars analyzing the meaning and function of prayer within their traditions.

Drawn from the 2011 Building Bridges seminar in Doha, Qatar, the essays in this volume explore the devotional practices of each tradition and how these practices are taught and learned.

Relevant texts are included, with commentary, as are personal reflections on prayer by each of the seminar participants.

The volume also contains a Christian reflection on Islamic prayer and a Muslim reflection on Christian prayer.

An extensive account of the informal conversations at the seminar conveys a vivid sense of the lively, penetrating, but respectful dialogue that took place. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad