Invest Your Disappointments Going For Growth

Invest Your Disappointments Going For Growth

Mallard, Paul






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Going For Growth Sometimes our hopes are shattered and expectations fail to be realized. This can lead to disillusionment and discouragement. In extreme circumstances it may even result in a collapse of faith. We cannot avoid disappointment - but how do we avoid being paralyzed by it? What causes it and what important lessons can we learn from it? The Bible never brushes our feelings under the carpet, and neither should we. Disappointment can be extremely painful, but it can also become a source of personal growth and a spur to maturity. The author addresses the subject with honesty, humanity and humour drawing from his 30 years of Bible teaching and pastoral insights. Each chapter contains Mallard's unique blend of anecdotes, Bible exposition and practical advice, and concludes with helpful questions for discussion. If God folds disappointment into the texture of our lives, it is for a purpose. Understanding ourselves and the causes of our disappointments will give us perspective and courage. Grasping something of God's purpose will give us patience and hope. We can invest our disappointments in a healthy way so that they bear lasting fruit. Paul Mallard is Pastor of Widcombe Baptist Church, Bath, UK. He has pastored churches for more than three decades now and has helped train a new generation of church workers, in addition to speaking at numerous UK conventions (including Word Alive, Keswick and the Faith Mission). He was President of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC) for a year and is now a company member of UCCF. Paul is married to Edrie who has suffered from MS for more than twenty years. Often they speak publicly about their personal struggles, and reconciling their strong faith with the very difficult realities of life. Paperback / softback