St Cuthbert´s Way: A Pilgrims´ Companion

St Cuthbert´s Way: A Pilgrims´ Companion

Low, Mary






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St Cuthbert's Way runs from Melrose in the Scottish Borders to Lindisfarne, Holy Island, off the coast of Northumberland.

This book, designed as a pilgrims' companion, presents information essential for walking the Way, together with a field guide to places of interest along the route, additional material such as songs, meditations and stories, an introduction to St Cuthbert and his time, and ideas and resources for a contemporary pilgrimage experience.

It is an ideal read for anyone with an interest in outdoor spirituality, early Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Christianity, general history and the environment, and always leaves readers free to discover the meaning of their own journey. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad