Movies That Matter: Reading Film through the Lens of Faith

Movies That Matter: Reading Film through the Lens of Faith

Leonard, Richard SJ






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In modern culture, nothing matters more than the movies, says popular film critic and Jesuit Richard Leonard. Movies shape our global civilization. We watch them incessantly, relax with them, argue about them.

But movies are much more than casual entertainment and subjects for small talk. They have become the preferred medium for ideas and values and morally serious expression. We need to take movies seriously, Leonard says. To do so, we need to learn how to »read» a film.

In Movies that Matter, Leonard views 50 important movies through a ?lens of faith? ? an informed Christian point of view that immeasurably deepens the astute moviegoer's viewing experience. He shows how the great directors, screenwriters, and actors employ the »language of film» to celebrate the human spirit and put us in touch with the divine.

This knowledgeable, vividly-written, provocative guide is an excellent resource for every reader seeking deeper understanding of what the movies are saying. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad