Leading by Example

Leading by Example

Houston, Graham






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Opens up the radical and challenging implications of 1 Peter for contemporary Christian leadership.

'Leading by Example' is the only book which explores

the practical theology of 1 Peter with particular

reference to Christian leadership.

Graham Houston critiques the trend in recent books to relate contemporary management theories to church

leadership. He explores 1 Peter's expose of the

problem of authoritarianism ('lording It') in the early

church, and its development of an alternative model of

servant leadership.

Houston blends insights from current New Testament

scholarship, sociology, theology, psychology and from

years of Christian ministry to allow the ancient biblical

text to address our current situations afresh.

He challenges us to look away from apparent western

success stories for examples to follow, and rather to

look to the apparent fringes of God's work in today's

two-thirds world.

'Leading by Example' is essential reading for anyone who

wants to see how the biblical text can help Christian

leaders serve the purposes of God in a more Christ-like

and radical way. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad