Jesus the Complete Guide

Jesus the Complete Guide

Houlden, Leslie (Ed.)






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Written by an international and interdisciplinary team of biblical historians, theologians and other scholars, this is the most comprehensive reference work available on the figure of Jesus and his impact on history, thought and culture.

As a historical figure, there are no absolutes about Jesus.

Each religious tradition, from Catholic to Quaker to Pentecostal to Buddhist, perceives him differently.

Scholars have seen him as prophet, hero, lord, martyr and rebel.

These countless varying images of Jesus have all influenced history, the arts, culture, and social political thought. »Jesus: The Complete Guide» distils 2000 years of thinking about Jesus into a single intriguing volume.

In nearly 200 A-Z entries, internationally recognised scholars summarise views of Jesus from the Gospel writers to contemporary theologians.

Not only does the book explore Christian history, thought and worship, it also examines the position of Jesus in the traditions of other world religions, such as Judaism, Islam and Hinduism.

The encyclopaedia also explores the changing image of Jesus in art, sculpture, music and literature, pulling disparate fields of study into one powerful resource.

Scholars, students of theology and world religions, and other interested readers will all welcome this unique work of reference. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad