Circular walks: Skåne´s coast

Circular walks: Skåne´s coast

Hoffmann, Karin






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The southernmost county of Sweden, known as Scania or Skåne (pronounced 'Skauna' in the local drawl), is an increasingly popular rural tourism destination.

As such, you would think there are plenty of guidebooks in English to help you explore this stunning area – but there aren't.

Until now that is.

Sure, you could always ask someone for directions; everyone speaks English.

The problem, however, is to find someone to ask. Sweden is scarcely populated and this is perhaps one reason why so many people want to visit.

There are also many Scandinavian visitors and expatriates rambling about and although the Scandinavian languages are very similar the very nature of a guidebook leaves no room for misunderstandings – the walker would simply get lost and this would obviously render a hiking book in Swedish completely useless.

So with this in mind, and on popular demand, we have decided to translate a selection of our most loved coastal walks and publish these in one volume.

Soon the whole English speaking world will have the opportunity to access the winding paths of Scania safe in the knowledge that Karin Hoffmann will guide them back to the starting point. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad