Methodism: Empire of the Spirit

Methodism: Empire of the Spirit

Hempton, David






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This lively history of the rise of Methodism charts the development of the movement from its unpromising origins in England in the 1730s to its major international importance by the 1880s.

The book explores Methodism's phenomenal growth in the British Isles, America, and around the globe, and the complex reasons for its wide-ranging appeal.

»This is an extraordinary book. It is jammed full of scintillating interpretations; it is beautifully written; and it conveys tremendous insight in a short compass.

It will be recognized immediately as the classic work on the rise of Methodism.»

David Hempton is University Professor at Boston University, where he directs the university's programme in the History of Christianity. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad