Vetenskapliga bevis för att Jesus lever

Vetenskapliga bevis för att Jesus lever

Heltne, Johan





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DIARY INTIMACY & WATERFALL-SONGS *** After the acclaimed but criminally unknown album »Skisser Av En Vacker Plats» (Sketches Of A Beautiful Place, Hemlandssånger, 2005), Johan Heltne returns to release his ace follow up, the mysteriously titled »Vetenskapliga Bevis För Att Jesus Lever» (Scientific Proof That Jesus Is Alive).

The album is a cooperative effort by Johan Heltne and 20 of his friends, all of whom write and publish their own music. The songs were recorded in nine different studios with as many constellations of musicians.

Short, intensive recordings were a prerequisite to synchronise fully-booked calendars. This lead to an impulsive “everything is allowed” aesthetics. When the first instrument had been recorded in the computer, there was no way back. The supplementary work, in terms of disentangling the recorded creative chaos is a story in itself. [Språk: Engelska] CD