Serman on the Mount through the Centuries

Serman on the Mount through the Centuries

Greenman, Larsen, Spencer (ed)






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Product Description

Believers around the world and throughout time have relied on their knowledge of the Lord's Prayer, the Beatitudes, and the Golden Rule. The Sermon on the Mount through the Centuries offers illuminating insights into our identity in Christ as it is found in his most famous words. These enlightening essays will heighten the reader's relationship with Christ and make the founders of the faith wholly accessible today. Contributors include Stanley Hauerwas, David Lyle Jeffrey, Margaret M. Mitchell, Mark A. Noll, and Robert L. Wilken.

From the Back Cover

The Sermon on the Mount through the Centuries offers an engaging approach to the study of historical theology and biblical exegesis. Stellar contributing scholars examine various interpretative approaches to the Sermon on the Mount, providing glimpses into historical perspectives on a passage that distills the very essence of the teaching of Jesus.

The important contribution of this volume--beyond its insightful survey of the interpretative work of influential biblical scholars and theologians through the ages--lies in its integrative treatment of the subjects, bringing together the disciplines of church history, biblical exegesis, and theology. The authors shed light on the many and varied approaches to scripture, examining theological traditions and historical, social, and political contexts, as well as substantial points of agreement. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad