The Bare Bible Uncovering The Bible For The First Time (Or The Hundredth)

The Bare Bible Uncovering The Bible For The First Time (Or The Hundredth)

Graystone, Peter






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An introduction to the Bible, requiring no previous knowledge and written to be easily accessible. The Bible holds huge religious, historical and cultural weight, but it can be daunting to approach it with no idea of where to begin, or how to read it. Here enters The Bare Bible, the perfect introductory guide to the Bible. Written with humour and a friendly, accessible tone, author Peter Graystone assumes no prior knowledge from his readers and cheerily sets out on a lively discussion of all the Bible is and isn't: the various genres found within its pages, the history of how these various books came to be known as the Bible and - most importantly - why, even after all these years, its words are still relevant to us today. Peter Graystone works for Church Army and is the editor of, an online encyclopaedia which gives free, confidential information about the Christian faith. Peter has written many books, speaks regularly at Greenbelt Festival, and is a columnist and theatre reviewer for the Church Times. Paperback / softback