Old Testament Theology Volume One: Israel’s Gospel

Old Testament Theology Volume One: Israel’s Gospel

Goldingay, John






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In this first volume of his three-volume Old Testament Theology, John Goldingay focuses on the narrative of the Old, or First, Testament. This narrative theology follows the biblical order of God's creation of and interactions with the world and Israel. It tells the story of Israel's gospel as a series of divine acts. Volume two will focus on Israel's faith, or Old Testament theology as belief, and will explore the person and nature of God, the nature of the world and humanity, the character of sin, and the significance of Israel. Volume three will focus on Israel's life, or Old Testament theology as ethos, and will explore its worship, spirituality, ideals and vision for living. This is an Old Testament theology like no other. Whether applying magnifying or wide-angle lenses, Goldingay is closely attentive to the First Testament's narrative, its plot, its motifs, its tensions and its subtleties. Brimming with insight and energy and postmodern in its ethos, this book will repeatedly reward readers with fresh and challenging perspectives on God and God's ways with Israel and the world -- as well as Israel's ways with God. In its approach Goldingay's Old Testament Theology is something of a narrative-theological commentary on the First Testament story. It is not only a scholarly contribution to the ongoing quest of understanding the theological dimensions of the First Testament. Preachers and teachers will prize it as a smart, informed and engaging companion as they read and re-present the First Testament story to postmodern pilgrims on the way. This is Old Testament theology that preaches. [Språk: Engelska] Inbunden