Promise of Scriptual Reasoning

Promise of Scriptual Reasoning

Ford, D & Pecknold, C C






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With this volume, a group of scholar-practitioners of Islam, Judaism and Christianity invite readers to share in their understanding of scriptural text study and disciplined reasoning.

* Grapples with questions ranging from the nature of scripture and revelation to the relevance of philosophies such as idealism, pragmatism and phenomenology.

* Offers a constructive alternative to modernity, going deep into the scriptures while also drawing critically on modern philosophies and methodologies.

* Shows how Muslim, Jewish and Christian believers can study, reason and work together in a way that does not compromise their religious integrity and respects others' religious integrity.

* A timely publication, of interest to all those interested in interfaith dialogue or in the nature of scriptural study. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad