Face for God: Reflections on Trinitarian Theology for our Times

Face for God: Reflections on Trinitarian Theology for our Times

Bingemer, Maria C Lucchetti






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Since the dawn of time, humans have been seeking the face of God. Our times are no different. We live in a world in which we find the coexistence of secularism and atheism, and religious institutions with ancient roots existing alongside new religious movements that formulate their own new synthesis in order to give expression to the reality of God. Within this pluralism, which points toward the never-ending search in the human heart, a need emerges for a deepening of the Christian conception of God.

A Face for God is a spiritual and theological reflection on contemporary beliefs about God. After addressing the philosophical background of today’s prevailing post-modern attitudes and rapidly changing cultural expressions, the author questions whether it is still possible to offer a profile and face for God, one with consistency and personality, amid the ambiguous religious feelings of our times.

The author offers useful suggestions for enriching the search for, and the experience of, God in our lives by drawing a profile and face of God through the Trinitarian understanding of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.