Anglicanism: The Answer to Modernity

Anglicanism: The Answer to Modernity

Dormor, McDonald, & Caddick






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Questions of religious identity will be central to the way that the twenty-first century unfolds.

Anglicanism: The Answer to Modernity is the boldest attempt in recent years to address the intellectual future of the Church of England in a confident, open and faithful way.

The eight Cambridge deans who have contributed combine academic theological work with practical ministry to students in exploring the credibility, wisdom and coherence of Anglican answers to biblical, moral, philosophical and social issues.

They also evaluate the presence of the Church at various levels in the life of the nation.

They believe that the Church of England is not a dying and irrelevant anachronism. Rather, their vision is of a robust and inclusive Anglicanism, from which we may fashion the answers necessary for human life and growth.

This book sets the conceptual tone for the Church of England at the start of Rowan Williams's term as Archbishop of Canterbury. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad