A Month with Julian of Norwich

A Month with Julian of Norwich

Devereaux, Rima






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Prayers and readings allowing the reader to spend a month with Julian of Norwich. This short book contains 62 prayers and readings (one each morning and evening for a month). It will help the reader to steep him- or herself in the writings and thoughts of this favourite spiritual writer, and the introduction will introduce Julian of Norwich's particular appeal. The special angle unique to this series of books is the way they accompany the reader on a month-long journey with a favourite saint or writer. Julian of Norwich was a fourteenth-century mystic who recorded the content of her 16 visions of the Passion of Christ. Her writings vividly convey the love of God and his presence in suffering. Edited by Rima Devereaux, author of Last Thing at Night and Constantinople and the West in Medieval French Literature, as well as numerous articles and book reviews, several short stories, and an unpublished novel. Paperback / softback