Hegel and Theology (Philosophy and Theology series)

Hegel and Theology (Philosophy and Theology series)

De Nys, Martin J.






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Hegel makes philosophical proposals concerning religion and Christianity that demand critical reflection from contemporary theology.

Possible defences and criticisms are given in Hegelian discourse, which raise important questions in current theological inquiry.

This religious enquiry runs through publications and writings produced during the development of Hegel's systematic philosophy.

De Nys considers the understanding of religion and Christianity that Hegel develops in the »Phenomenology of Spirit».

The discussion of religious involvement gives special attention to questions concerning religious discourse, which Hegel addresses in his treatment of representational thinking, including Hegel's critique of Schleiermacher.

This leads to a discussion of the problem of the relation between the world and God and the issue of God's transcendence, which requires further analysis of the relation of representational and speculative thinking.

These discussions provide a framework for considering Hegel's understandings of specific Christian mysteries.

The Hegelian conception of the Trinity, the mysteries of Creation, Incarnation and reconciled indwelling are considered in connection with biblical conceptions of the Trinity.

The conclusion examines critical problems surrounding Hegel's essential proposals about religion and Christianity, as well as contributions that Hegel makes to, and the challenges his thinking poses to, contemporary theological inquiry.

Throughout, the discussions emphasize an understanding of Hegel's views concerning religion and Christianity as a resource for critical reflection in contemporary theology.

»The Philosophy and Theology» series looks at major philosophers and explores their relevance to theological thought as well as the response of theology. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad