Introduction to Quakerism

Introduction to Quakerism

Dandelion, Pink






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This is the first comprehensive introduction to Quakerism which balances a history of the theology of the Quakers or Friends with an overview of present day practice.

It charts the growth of the Quaker movement through the 1650s and 1660s, its different theological emphasis in the eighteenth century, and the schisms of the nineteenth century which resulted in the range of Quaker traditions found around the world today.

The book focuses in particular on notions of 'endtime', 'spiritual intimacy', and what counts as 'the world' as key areas of theological change.

The second half of the book uses extracts from Quaker texts to highlight differences in belief and approach between the different traditions and analyses their future prospects.

The book is generously illustrated and includes numerous diagrams to help the reader.

Undergraduate and graduate students will find this an essential introduction to the Quaker movement.

Pink Dandelion is Programme Leader, Centre for Postgraduate Quaker Studies at Woodbrooke Quaker Studies Centre and Honorary Professor in Quaker Studies at the University of Birmingham.



Part I. The History of Quaker Theology

1. The single Quaker theological culture, 1647-1827

2. The beginnings of Quaker diversity

3. Quakerism in the twentieth century

Part II. Worldwide Quakerism Today


4. Theology and worship

5. Quaker and 'the world'

6. The Quaker family. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad