Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church: Third Edition Revised

Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church: Third Edition Revised

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* Over 6,000 authoritative, fully cross-referenced A-Z entries on every aspect of the Christian Church.

* Updated to take into account shifts in scholarly opinion, recent developments (such as the Church of England's new prayer book Common Worship), and Roman Catholic canonizations.

* Updated bibliographic references and statistics.

* Biographical entries on saints, popes, patriarchs, archbishops, heretics, mystics, kings, philosophers, and theologians.

* Rewritten entries that reflect new evidence or understanding, such as the Holy Sepulchre article, as well as some brand new articles, on Desmond Tutu and Padre Pio, for example.

* Comprehensive coverage of theology, churches and denominations, the bible, patristic scholarship, the church calendar and its organization, and more.

* Also available online from the Oxford Digital Reference Shelf or through Oxford Reference Online offering flexible search and browse functionality and multi-user access.

New to this Edition:

* Updated to take into account changes such as the new Church of England Prayer Book, recent canonizations, and changes in church legislation.

* Updated bibliographic references and statistics

Includes some new and revised articles.

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