Scientism: A word we need

Scientism: A word we need

Cowburn, John






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'Scientism' is indeed a word that we need. We need it because it describes a way of thinking that has profound and radical implications in almost every sphere of life.

We need it because that way of thinking is becoming more and more dominant in Western culture. John Cowburn first introduces us to scientism as the belief »that only scientific knowledge is valid», »that science can explain and do everything and that nothing else can explain or do anything» and »that science and reason, or scientific and rational, are co-extensive terms» .

Whether considering science, philosophy, psychology, criminology or Christianity, he focuses in on the key developments and shifts of thought that have been critical in building up the intellectual edifice of scientism.

Cowburn's knowledge of the great Western thinkers of the past few centuries is impressive and it has enabled him to even-handedly distil out the salient contributions each has made and then to bring these together into a coherent and compelling narrative.

Indeed, his balanced, big-picture perspective is in itself enough to commend this book to anyone who wants to grow in their understanding of the macro-evolution of the subject. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad