Out of Control Couples, Conflict and the Capacity for Change

Out of Control Couples, Conflict and the Capacity for Change

Collins, Natalie






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comprehensive book on domestic violence, written by a prominent figure working in this area, offering theological content and practical advice For over a decade, Natalie Collins has been leading workshops, raising awareness and capturing national media attention in her work against domestic abuse. After writing the Restored church pack to better provide churches and clergy with the tools to understand and better combat domestic abuse, she has repeatedly been asked at seminars for a more in-depth book on the subject. This is that book.Rooted in theological insight and thoroughly practical, this book will explore what domestic abuse is, why it is perpetrated and the impact it has on children and adults. Filled with case studies, including Natalie's own story of abuse, the book will offer a valuable insight into various abusive behavioural traits and provide some pointers as to how we can address it, both as individuals and as a church community. Natalie Collins has been working to address domestic abuse issues for almost a decade, working directly with women subjected to abuse and domestic abuse perpetrators, and training ordinands, church leaders and congregations on domestic abuse issues. She has delivered keynote addresses both nationally and internationally on the subject, and has spoken alongside Archbishops and UN representatives. Natalie is also the founder of the `Fifty Shades is Domestic Abuse' campaign and has appeared on national television, radio and printed media talking about abuse, consent and women's rights.She has further written several articles and book contributions on domestic violence, and is the author of the widely used domestic abuse pack for UK churches, the Restored Church Pack. Paperback / softback