Anthropology of Religion, an Introduction (2nd edition)

Anthropology of Religion, an Introduction (2nd edition)

Bowie, Fiona






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The second edition of this popular introduction to the anthropology of religion now features new chapters on mythology and pilgrimage, as well as coverage of topics such as spirit possession and cargo cults. The volume: Introduces readers to the central theoretical ideas in the anthropology of religion, illustrating them with specific case studies; Features self–contained chapters, each with its own comprehensive bibliography, so that they can be approached in any order; Develops ideas throughout the book, linking the work of nineteenth– and early twentieth–century scholars, and contemporary ideas and practices; Includes an appendix offering a list of ethnographic films and videos that can be used to illustrate and extend the discussion of particular issues. This accessible textbook will inspire students to explore the field further and encourage them to see that anthropology is not just about reading or doing fieldwork, but offers an enriching way of looking at the world. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad