Morality in Social Life

Morality in Social Life

Bastianel, Sergio






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Bastianel views moral personal life as more than a private and individual reality.

Indeed, one's relationship with the »other» is basic to the moral experience, and it constitutes part of the inner unity of a free and conscious responsible person.

Human beings live out their relationships within the historic concreteness of life in commonality with others.

In this relational interaction each person makes use of his/her liberty in seeking a useful understanding of that which is good and that which is bad.

The historical expression of that which is morally wrong takes the form of scattered and dividing relationships with the intention of possession, domination, fighting and division.

On the other hand, history shows us that the human quality of relationships effecting that which is good is expressed through acceptance and the capability of creating shared forms of life.

The Christian interpretation of history, with its goal of community, asks in each situation about the human quality of relationships and the structures of social life.

This book addresses the interconnections between personal morals and social justice, raising fundamental questions about political life and economics, about hunger and development, about common good and institutions.

Such is the reflection to which these pages summon us. [Språk: Engelska] Häftad