Christian Ethics - A Brief History

Christian Ethics - A Brief History

Banner, Michael






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This enlightening book steers readers through the challenges and moral issues, providing a clear and decisive history of the main figures and texts in Christian ethics.

*A short and lively history of Christian ethics, exploring how Christianity has always had to grapple with complex moral problems - from questions about the status of early Christians who renounced their religion under Roman torture, through to current debates about euthanasi.

*Engages with the main texts and figures in Christian ethics, including Augustine, Benedict, Aquinas, Luther and Barth

* Considers questions such as human will, the proper form of Christian life, natural law, and whether human nature is at odds with Christian ethics

* Concludes with a thought-provoking chapter considering the role that Christian ethics can play in contemporary moral debates and ethical dilemmas [Språk: Engelska] Häftad